Here are some travel tips for how to get to Lofoten and Lillevik by plane, plus some alternative travel methods.

Flying is definitely the fastest way to get to Lofoten. Check with our booking agency if you need any help.

Go to Lofoten by plane

There are no international flights directly to local airports Svolvær and Leknes, so you need at least one stopover.

Fastest: Fly to Svolvær airport via Bodø

Fly to Svolvær with SAS or Widerøe, with a short stopover Bodø. Rent a car (see below) at Svolvær airport, drive 45 minutes to Lillevik.

You can also fly to Leknes airport instead of Svolvær, the total time will be about the same.

With the right flights the whole trip takes 5-6 hours from Oslo.

Cheapest: Fly to Evenes airport, then drive

Fly to Evenes (Harstad/Narvik) airport with SAS, Norwegian or Flyr, rent a car (see below), drive 3 hours to Lillevik. Or take the airport bus, Flybussen, to Svolvær – which also takes about 3 hours.

This can be almost as fast as flying to Svolvær.

Getting around in Lofoten

We strongly recommend having a car in Lofoten, unless you are travelling by bicycle or motorcycle. Public transport is extremely limited.

Local Lofoten rental car companies

Here are some local rental car companies, plus the more common larger ones:

Also: Google search for “rental car lofoten”. Tip: The local companies may be easiest to reach by phone. There is also some useful “getting around” information at 68North.

See Location for maps and driving distances to popular sights in Lofoten.

Alternative travel methods

EnTur is often the easiest way to find travels that combine different transportation methods (plane, ferry, bus, etc).

Torghatten Nord runs all(?) the ferries and express boats in the area.

Reis Nordland is the official travel planner, but it’s only available in Norwegian.

By plane

By car