Lillevik and Gimsøya is an excellent base for exploring Lofoten. It is «in the middle» of Lofoten, with most sights and activities just a short drive away. Spend your time on experiences, not moving in and out of different houses.

If you miss people and crowds, Henningsvær and Svolvær are just over half an hour away, and Leknes maybe 45 minutes.

  • Groceries, café and gas station: Gimsøy Landhandel, 7 km. We encourage buying as much as possible of the things you need here. The café is nice, with lunch every day, dinner on Wednesdays, and cakes on Saturdays.
  • Second closest grocery store: Henningsvær or Svolvær (both ca. 30 km)
  • Closest mountain: Hoven (368 m), 1 km.
  • Private beach: 100 meters
  • White sandy beach: Hov, 1,5 km

Address: Årstrandveien 663, 8314 Gimsøysand. Google Maps knows the place «Lillevik», but does not yet have the right names on the roads at Gimsøya, so try «Vik» or «Hov» and see the maps below.

GPS coordinates: 68.330081, 14.091728

Google «plus code»: 83JR+2M

Weather and temperature

Lofoten benefits from the Gulf stream and is much warmer than one might think, considering it is in the arctic. It is a coastal climate, with varying weather. The graph below shows the temperatures during 2019. See updated weather forecast og historical data at Yr. The weather radar is good for short-term planning.

Temperaturer gjennom året

See the Webcam page for live photos, and one photo from each day in 2019 to get an impression of the changing seasons.

Driving directions from Svolvær airport

It is fastest, and simplest, to fly to Svolvær. See Travel.

Hurtigruten: Svolvær and Stamsund

Hurtigruten stops at both Svolvær and Stamsund. See Travel.

Evenes airport (Narvik/Harstad)

Cheaper than Svolvær, but also a longer drive. See Travel.

Leknes airport

As small as Svolvær airport, with different timetables. See Travel.


Visit places like Kaviarfabrikken, Lysstøperiet, Klatrekaféen og Trevarefabrikken. Festvågtind is a classic hike with fantastic views.


Unstad is world famous for surfing, all year round. The water is cold, but that’s not a problem with proper gear: Lofoten surfsenter and Unstad Arctic Surf.

Hauklandstranda and Uttakleiv

Two long, white sandy beaches with great views. See: Lofoten’s most scenic beaches. Some Nice nearby hikes too, see Adventures.


World famous, very popular. For early or late. See: Kvalvika beach hiking guide.


The world’s best preserved fishing village.


Reinebringen (448 m) offers Lofoten’s most fantastic views. Very popular, and sometimes crowded, but worth it anyway. A day trip by boat to Vindstad and Bunes beach (Bunesstranda) is also recommended

Moskenes (Å)

Ferry connections to Værøy, Røst and Bodø. See Travel.