This is our best attempt at showing you around Lillevik, plus the surrounding Gimsøya area – and also some of Lofoten’s many sights. See Location for how to get around in Lofoten, with maps and driving distances. The Lillevik Instagram page also has a lot of photos, and some videos (stories).

Interior photos

The photos were taken at various times from 2020 to 2024. The sofas in the living room are new in 2024, and the terrace was built in October 2023.

Lillevik and Gimsøya

Some photos of Lillevik and the surrounding area on Gimsøy, at various time of the year.


Some photos from Lofoten, both from summer and winter. The Lillevik Instagram page has more recent photos.

Lillevik’s two-year complete rebuild

For the extra curious: See Lillevik’s two-year renovation process for lots of photos from the two-year renovation process.

Photo book

We even made a 140-page photo book documenting the total makeover of Lillevik, from 2018-2020. We do not expect anyone to buy the book, but since we have made it for ourselves, and it was free to make it available: Here it is:

And, of course: Lillevik house book (PDF).