Gimsøy is among the best places in Lofoten to see the northern lights, or aurora borealis. There is very little light pollution at Gimsøy, and especially on the western side where Lillevik is located, and wide views of the sky, mountains and ocean. The northern lights can be seen from September to April, any time it’s dark.

This photo is taken 100 meters from the doorstep:

If you stay at Lillevik there is no reason to go on an organized “aurora hunting” tour, as they often drive to Gimsøy anyway. Our best tips are:

  • Check the weather forecast and cloud coverage for Lillevik on
  • Look at the sky. The northern lights can appear and disappear in a few minutes.
  • There are many apps, but none of them can give any guarantee. We have experienced strong northern lights when the forecast said 0 % chance, and we have seen just black sky when the probability was high.
  • The best website is probably: Space Weather Prediction Center.

There are some great northern lights information at 68 North, including photography tips. We have a photo tripod you can borrow when you stay at Lillevik.

Northern lights and full moon above Lillevik: