Gimsøy church is just 10 minutes from Lillevik.

The church is located on Sand on Gimsøya in Vågan municipality in Nordland. The church is a long wooden church. It was inaugurated on 18 October 1876 and has 300 seats. The church is anchored to the ground to protect against strong gusts of wind from the mountain. The church was repaired after storms in 1887 and 1906, and also repaired in 1954–55. The church on Gimsøy is first mentioned by Aslak Bolt in 1432, and today’s church is in any case the third on the island, if not the fourth. Up until the year 1800, Vinje was the site of a church, but that year it was decided to move the church to Gimsøysand. What is believed to be the old cemetery at Vinje has been found.

In 2014, a number of improvements were made to Gimsøy church. It was financed through the will of a woman from Brenna who died in Mo i Rana without living heirs. Although Brenna belongs to the Strauman church, the village did not when this woman grew up. The woman was baptized and confirmed in Gimsøy church and bequeathed her entire inheritance to the church. This led to the parish council receiving funds to make a number of necessary improvements which primarily improved fire safety in the church. The electrical system was upgraded and modern fuse boxes with automatic fuses and earth-fault circuit breakers were installed. Furnaces were replaced with heat pumps for heating and a modern fire alarm system was installed throughout the church. In addition, the entire outside of the church was painted and improvements were made to the outdoor area.

In 2021, the church was restored inside: The original color palette has been retained. The work was completed in 2022.