In Lofoten you can do all kinds of activities and adventures all year: Mountain hikes on foot and skis, kayaking, fishing, diving, surfing, golfing, mountain biking, etc. Here are some of the possibilities:

The best guidebook is Lofoten Guide by Bjørn Brænd.



  • Winter in Lofoten (see also: Spring and Fall)
  • Polar night: From the beginning of December until the beginning if January. This period often has fantastic light, and even though days are short, it is not dark all the time.
  • Northern lights (aurora borealis): From September 21 to March 21 it is dark after 18 (6pm), and good conditions for northern lights. It is most commonly observed around 22-23 at night (10-11pm), but may appear any time it’s dark.
  • Book recommendation: Lofoten: Skiing in the magic mountains (Jonas Dahlstrup and Thorbjørn Enevold)