Things to do in Lofoten: You can do all pretty much all kinds of activities and adventures, and Lofoten is an all year destination: Hiking, kayaking, climbing, fishing, skiing, surfing, diving, golfing, mountain biking, horse riding, yoga, etc.

On this page we have collected information for an active stay in Lofoten.

It’s of course also completely possible to do very little, and just relax. Lofoten is perfect for that too.

When is the best time to visit Lofoten?

That depends! What do you want to experience? The winter with northern lights? The summer with midnight sun? Autumn storms? There is some good information here: When to visit Lofoten and seasons in Lofoten.

We have made an all-year Lofoten packing list for all the clothes you may need.

All year activities

We think the best “all round” guidebook is Lofoten Guide by Bjørn Brænd.

There is a 100+ page binder with lots of information in the house, including things to do. It’s both a guide to the house and our own Lofoten guidebook. You can also download it: Lillevik house book (PDF).

Summer activities

Kayaking at Lyngvær, 20 min from Lillevik.

Winter activities

Northern lights, taken in January, just 50 meters from the house. No need to go “aurora hunting”.
Skiing from an unnamed peak all the way down to the sea – and the waiting boat.